Changes to parking access on Victoria Street

The main contractor for the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney Redevelopment, Buildcorp, will soon be commencing work to provide a high-voltage electrical supply to the new building which is now under construction. This will entail the laying of conduits along the eastern side of Victoria Street for the full length of the Private Hospital. This work is scheduled to commence on Monday 27 February 2017 and will be completed by the end of May 2017. It will be carried out during normal construction hours - Monday to Saturday - throughout this period.

The excavation of the roadway will be completed in sections to ensure that all the car parking is not lost at the same time. Please note that the excavation will be in the car parking bays on the eastern side of the carriageway and will not block the through-traffic on Victoria Street at any time. The image below shows the 11 separate, sequential areas of excavation. Note that the excavation in front of each of the Private Hospital’s driveways will be undertaken in halves so that one half of each driveway will remain open to traffic at any one time.

The footpaths along Victoria Street will remain open at all times. There will be barriers between the public and the work zone and traffic controllers to assist vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the construction period.

For further information please contact the SVPHS Redevelopment team on telephone 8382 7125 or email