Our Mission

As a Catholic organisation our Mission is to bring God’s love to those in need. St Vincent's Clinic serves people in need by joining multidisciplinary health care, compassionate community services, teaching and research.

St Vincent’s Clinic is a multidisciplinary Clinic of excellence, providing a comprehensive range of investigative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients referred for health care.

Our research foundation, St Vincent’s Clinic Research Foundation, supports quality evidence based research and education to underpin clinical excellence.

Our community services, Open Support, offers compassionate and diverse services committed to supporting people in need.

Operating within the ethical framework of Mary Aikenhead Ministries and the mission and values of St Vincent’s Health Australia, all at St Vincent’s Clinic are committed to providing care and services of the highest standard and to the pursuit of excellence.

St Vincent's Clinic Logo

The three triangles that make up the St Vincent’s Clinic logo represent the aims of the clinic, these are: patient care, medical teaching and clinical research. Each of these aims is represented within the logo by three single triangles of equal size. The linked triangles symbolise the interdependent nature of these aims to one another.

The Medical Staff of St Vincent’s Clinic gratefully acknowledge the creation of the Emblem by Dr Bruce Taylor.