St Vincent's Clinic Board includes seven directors appointed by St Vincent's Health Australia and six directors appointed by the accredited doctors.

The Medical Council is comprised of the six directors appointed by the accredited doctors. It is responsible for advising the Board on medical matters. In particular, the Medical Council is responsible for:

  • Overseeing and maintaining clinical standards in all areas of the Clinic
  • Making recommendations on accreditation
  • Supervising research and education
  • Conducting clinical reviews
  • Promoting cooperation between the Clinic and other entities operating on St Vincent's Campus, other hospitals, teaching institutions, health care and professional organisations

The St Vincent's Clinic Reseach Foundation has an Advisory Board which provides advice and governance to the activities of the Foundation.

The Scientific Committee assesses all applications for research funding grants and makes recommendations to the Advisory Board and Board.

Open Support Committee has been constituted by the St Vincent's Clinic Board to provide advice and governance to the activities of Open Support.


St Vincent's Clinic Board of Directors

Ms Gail Hambly (Chair)

Mr Daniel Choo 

Mr Geoff Deakin


Medical Council

A/Prof Susan Tomlinson (Chair)

Dr Linda Borella

Dr Jennifer Dew

Dr Michael King

Dr Winnie Tong

A/Prof Nick Vertzyas


St Vincent's Clinic Research Foundation Advisory Board

A/Prof Brett Courtenay, OAM (President)

Mrs Elizabeth Lewin 

Mr Russell Aboud

Mr Leigh Birtles

Mr Michael Coombes

Ms Gail Hambly

Mr Albert Edward Harris, AC

Ms Mim Haysom

Dr Alan Meagher 

Mr Matthew Miles

Mrs Roslyn Packer, AC

Ms Katie Viviers