A new era of adaptive radiation therapy with MR Linac service

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GenesisCare, St Vincent's Radiation Oncology centre, has successfully installed the Elekta Unity MR-Linac, a highly targeted and innovative cancer treatment. 

GenesisCare is the first to introduce the Elekta Unity to NSW. With this new equipment, the team is able to offer patients truly personalised, adaptive radiation therapy and to be at the forefront of the evolution of cancer treatment in Australia.




“It is the foundation for an emerging MRIgRT (Magnetic Resonance Radiation Therapy) network that will put us at the forefront of exploring the possibilities of this innovative approach. We are excited to be partnering with our national and international GenesisCare departments, leveraging the network of Radiation Oncology experts, as well as partnering with research institutions and bodies to lead development in this field. This will translate into building a body of evidence that will impact the lives of many patients,” said Kathy Kociuba, General Manager Oncology NSW

What is it?

Magnetic Resonance Radiation Therapy (MRIgRT) with Elekta Unity is the latest development in stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). Elekta Unity combines two technologies: a state-of-the-art 1.5T MRI scanner and a best-in-class 7 MV linear accelerator, driven by breakthrough real-time adaptive radiation therapy software. High field diagnostic-quality MRI provides unparalleled soft tissue contrast and real-time visualisation to enable truly personalised radiation therapy for every patient, every time.

The benefits

  • Allows our radiation oncologists to see what they treat in real time, enabling reshaping of the radiation dose based on daily changes in shape, size and position of the tumour and surrounding healthy anatomy.
  • Unprecedented accuracy enables precision dosing when targeting multiple tumours in different anatomic locations.
  • Daily therapy adaption to account for day to day tumour and anatomical changes.
  • Treatment can be delivered over fewer sessions, reducing patients’ treatment burden with less or equal toxicity.

The MR-Linac team will be offering this advanced treatment option for patients with:

  • Localised prostate cancer, where hypofractioned treatment offers an alternative to conventional therapy
  • Oligometastatic disease

Treatment will soon be provided for the following:

  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Hepatobiliary cancer, including primary liver cancers
  • Early stage lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
Here is a sneak peak from Genesiscare:





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