And our newest major research grant recipient is....

Venessa Chin

We are delighted to announce the recipient of the inaugural De Angeli Cancer Research Grant is Dr Venessa Chin, Medical Oncologist, Post-Doc Research Officer

As the first ever recipient of this newly established cancer research grant, Dr Chin's project titled "Using the power of single cell sequencing to change the management of lung cancer" truly embodies what the St Vincent's Clinic Foundation is all about. We aim to inspire bright and enquiring minds and we were in turn truly inspired by Dr Chin's application.  The incredibly generous $2 million bequest made by the De Angeli family late last year has ensured the St Vincent's Clinic Foundation can continue to support bright young researchers like Dr Chin, who can pursue such ambitious research in new areas.  

Lung Cancer is common in Australia and the survival rates are poor. Venessa aims use single cell sequencing technology to improve survival rates in lung cancer patients and help clinicians use costly immune therapies in a more economical way.  She plans to create an "immune cell fingerprint" of an individual to predict which lung cancer patients are most likely to benefit from immune therapy treatments.

We look forward to watching her project progress and congratulate Venessa on her successful application.