Cancer research boosted by funding for Endorsed Chairs

Associate Professor Elgene Lim has been named as part of a new $10 million research program introduced by the National Breast Cancer Foundation that is working toward zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation Endowed Chairs program comprises two long-term 10 year research grants designed to keep mid-career researchers in Australia and focused on research that will lead to the next major breakthrough.

A/Prof Lim is a breast cancer researcher at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and is a medical oncologist practising in St Vincent’s Clinic and St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney. He was also the recipient of the 2017 Thelma Greig Cancer Grant from the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation for his project: “Metabolic effects of exercise on breast cancer.”

A/Prof Lim’s lab focuses on overcoming resistance to the hormone treatments used on the largest subtype of breast cancer – estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. Over the next 10 years his research program will look at new ways to overcome hormone resistance and to sensitise breast cancer to hormone therapies.

“Research funding is increasingly challenging in Australia, which has a major impact on the number of talented researchers in our country with great ideas who are limited by a lack of research investment.” Said A/Prof Lim.

“The longer duration of the Endowed Chair funding gives my team, my collaborators and I a unique opportunity to pursue bold and more impactful projects with the confidence to pursue our research agenda, which ultimately aims to improve the lives of breast cancer patients. This forms the bedrock of my commitment to research.” 


Associate Professor Elgene Lim

Photo credit: Danny Aarons Mosman Daily