St Vincent's Clinic Foundation 2017 Research Grants Announced

Each year, St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation provides funding and support for research with a focus on improving clinical care. The grants for 2017 were presented to recipients at the recent Sandra David Oration at St Vincent’s Clinic.

A total of 24 grants were presented to researchers and practitioners from across the St Vincent’s Campus and St Joseph’s Hospital.

The following researchers received grants:


SVPHS Ladies' Committee Sr Mary Bernice Research Grant ‐ $100,000

"Dendritic Cell (DC) Nanovesicles: Novel highly active cancer immunotherapy”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr Peter Manders


Adult Stem Cell Research Grant ‐ $100,000

“Clinical significance of age‐associated gene mutations in stem cells”

Principal Investigator ‐ Prof David Ma


Tancred Research Grant ‐ $50,000

“Randomised controlled study comparing long term clinical outcomes of patients with acute cardiac

rejection diagnosed and treated based on cardiac MRI and Endomyocardial biopsy compared to

Endomyocardial biopsy alone”

Principal Investigator ‐ A/Prof Andrew Jabbour


K&A Collins Cancer Grant ‐ $50,000

“Improving the classification and management of patients with Barrett's Oesophagus”

Principal Investigator ‐ Prof Reginald VN Lord


Thelma Greig Cancer Grant ‐ $50,000

“Metabolic effects of exercise on breast cancer”

Principal Investigator ‐ A/Prof Elgene Lim


Froulop Research Grant ‐ $30,000

“Modelling variable presentation of primary arrhythmia syndromes using induced pluripotent stem cell

derived cardiomyocytes”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr Adam Hill


Annual Grant 1 ‐ $30,000

“Simplified HCV detection through self‐collected capillary finger‐prick samples”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr Tanya Applegate


Annual Grant 2 ‐ $30,000

“Pharmacological conditioning of the donor heart to normalise mitochondrial oxidative metabolism and

function: An approach to minimise ischaemia reperfusion injury and maximise heart recovery”

Principal Investigator ‐ Prof Peter Macdonald


Annual Grant 3 ‐ $30,000

“Contribution of T follicular helper (Tfh) cells to recrudescence from the latent HIV‐1 reservoir”

Principal Investigator ‐ Prof Anthony Kelleher


Annual Grant 4 ‐ $30,000

“The TGF‐B superfamily cytokine Macrophage Inhibitory Cytokine‐1 (MIC‐1/GDF15) protects from

development of prostate cancer”

Principal Investigator ‐ Prof Samuel Breit


Annual Grant 5 ‐ $30,000

“The safety and pharmacokinetics of metformin in heart failure”

Principal Investigator ‐ Prof Richard Day


Annual Grant 6 ‐ $30,000

“Preclinical in vivo testing of novel targeted therapies for the treatment of acute leukaemia”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr Tim Molloy


Annual Grant 7 ‐ $30,000

“The kynurenine pathway as therapeutic target for multiple sclerosis”

Principal Investigator ‐ Prof Bruce J Brew, AM


Annual Grant 8 ‐ $30,000

“Understanding drug‐induced arrhythmias and structure of the Kv11.1 (hERG) channel”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr Carus Lau


Annual Grant 9 ‐ $30,000

“Investigating the effects of platelet extracellular vesicles and antiplatelet therapy on colorectal cancer”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr Joanne Joseph


Kavan Migraine Bequest ‐ $50,000

“Investigation of treatment options for refractory migraine”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr Susan Tomlinson


Kinsella Colorectal Bequest ‐ $46,666

“Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Position”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr Alissa Walsh


Kavan Orthopaedic Bequest ‐ $50,000

“Development of Post‐Operative Rehabilitation Protocols: Outcomes, Gait Analysis and Compliance”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr Andrew Higgs


Multidisciplinary Grant 1 ‐ $31,000

“Can pain be managed from a distance? A randomised controlled trial of an innovative online

multidisciplinary pain management program (Reboot Online) compared to usual care”

Principal Investigator ‐ Ms Tania Gardner


Multidisciplinary Grant 2 ‐ $25,000

“The impact of the Mediterranean Diet in cardiac rehabilitation patients, a randomised controlled trial”

Principal Investigator ‐ Ms Carissa Moroney


Multidisciplinary Grant 3 ‐ $25,000

“The collaborative development of a smartphone application to promote self‐management in out‐patients

with heart failure”

Principal Investigator ‐ Mrs Leanna Woods


Multidisciplinary Grant 4 ‐ $22,250

“Pilot study: Comparison of DAFNE program vs multidisciplinary type 1 diabetes clinic (standard care) for

patients with type 1 diabetes.”

Principal Investigator ‐ Ms Leanne Gregory


Travelling Fellowship Grant 1 ‐ $10,000

“Research Fellow at the Toronto Lung Transplant Program, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada”

Principal Investigator ‐ Dr David Darley


Travelling Fellowship Grant 2 ‐ $10,000

“St Vincent's Cardiology Team to go to Solomon Islands”

Principal Investigator ‐ A/Prof Cameron Holloway


Further information on the 2017 grants can be viewed here (PDF 174.3KB)

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