Recognising our wonderful volunteers

As a core and vital community service of St Vincent's Clinic under the stewardship of Mary Aikenhead Ministries, Open Support is a significant reflection of the commitment by the Sisters to serve the unmet needs of the poor and vulnerable.

Open Support's annual celebration recognised and celebrated the incredible work of the organisations many wonderful compassionate volunteers -  who are over 200 strong.  The evening reflected upon the remarkable work of the organisation, its commitment to the new name of Open Support, delivering on Strategy 2020 and for ensuring the legacy of the Sisters lives in their continued effort to meet the needs of the poor and vulnerable.

The facts:

One woman is killed in Australia by a partner or an ex every week. 

Click here to see how Open Support's Strategy 2020 is committed to reducing this startling statistic.


Australians living in rural and remote areas tend to have lower life expectancy, higher rates of disease and injury, and poorer access to and use of health services, than people living in major cities.

Click here to find out how Open Support is improving access to health care services for remote communities.


Loneliness is associated with a 26% increased likelihood of mortality. 

Read on to find out how Open Support are reducing the impact of social isolation within the community.


Together, we can give support that is "open" in that we are always there, arms wide, for anyone who is poor, sick, vulnerable and in need. 

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We thank those who attended this special event and we acknowledge the vital role Open Support plays in the St Vincent's Clinic and St Vincent Health Australia's commitment to social responsibility.