St Vincent's Clinic Research Foundation

The St Vincent's Clinic Foundation was established in 1992 to further the research objectives of St Vincent's Clinic. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that supports unchartered medical research to advance patient care with clinical, real-world practise at its core. 

As the research arm of St Vincent’s Clinic, the Foundation is part of a multidisciplinary centre of excellence and enables a unique and direct connection between research and patient care. With a double-sided bench-to-bedside approach, the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation empowers top-talented doctors and researchers to forge the future of medicine with real-world practice, for real-world impact on patient care.

Since its creation, the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation has awarded over 430 grants – a total of $18 million to fund medical breakthroughs. With close to 30 years of expertise, the Foundation has developed a unique perspective to pinpoint research projects with strong potential. 

With your support, we can ensure this vital research continues to unravel medical mysteries and prevention practices, improves patient care and treatments, and unlocks possible cures.

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