How to see a specialist

To see a specialist you must have a referral letter from your general practitioner or another specialist. Please bring this referral letter to your first appointment.

GP referral letters are valid for one year. Specialist referrals are valid for three months. Other clinical specialties require the referral letter to be presented within three months from date of issue. You should then contact the practice you have been referred to and make an appointment.

It is always a good idea to speak with the specialist’s practice when you make your appointment. They can confirm what you should bring with you.

Seeing a specialist at St Vincent's Clinic

For all appointments and information requests, please contact your preferred doctor directly by clicking here.


What to bring to an appointment

In general, you will need to bring the following items to your appointment:

  • Previous scans e.g. x-ray, CT, MRI and other diagnostic images
  • A referral letter from your GP or specialist
  • Results of recent pathology tests e.g. blood, urine, etc.
  • List of current medications that you are taking
  • List of known allergies that you have or symptoms that you may have with certain medications
  • Medicare card or DVA Card
  • Private Health Fund details (if you belong to one)
  • Pension card (if you have one and as applicable to individual practice)
  • For workers compensation patients:
    • Written approval confirmation from your insurer
    • Relevant claim numbers and documentation

NOTE: If you are seeing a specialist under workers compensation or third party insurance you will need to bring full details of the insurance so your claim can be lodged.

If you have any questions regarding your  appointment, please contact your specialist’s practice directly.

What to expect at your appointment

Waiting Period

Our specialists try to keep to appointment times, however, delays occasionally occur. Unavoidable issues such as delays in theatre, emergency call-outs and other unpredictable events can cause delays for specialists. Your patience and understanding are appreciated at such times.

Cancelling an appointment

If you are unable to attend an appointment, please telephone the specialist's practice to cancel or re-schedule your appointment.