Clinic Anaesthesia provides a comprehensive service to the St Vincent’s Private Hospital and the Day Surgery Unit located in the Clinic.

Our Services

The St Vincent’s Private Hospital Department of Anaesthesia is the oldest private hospital Department of Anaesthesia in Australia. It is based in Suite 808, where secretarial services coordinate all anaesthesia requirements across the private hospital and the clinic, and department members can access consulting rooms if they wish. Currently there are more than 50 anaesthetists accredited to the clinic and hospital.

The Department provides comprehensive anaesthesia services by specialist anaesthetists, all of whom possess a Fellowship from the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. Many have spent additional years of training overseas. The Department’s anaesthetists provide expert anaesthesia for every type of surgery and procedure undertaken at St Vincent’s Clinic and St Vincent’s Private Hospital. Members of the Department also run an Acute Pain referral service, available to any hospital inpatient, and managed by qualified Pain Medicine Specialists.

The Department provides for the surgeons and the hospital round the clock anaesthesia services whenever an anaesthetist is needed in hours and after hours. The Department has a long history of excellence in anaesthesia and provides regular continuing education and quality assurance sessions for its members. Many members have been, and are still, office bearers of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. Several members have been examiners for the College of Anaesthetists. Many current members also provide anaesthesia services to St Vincent’s Public Hospital as well as to other major hospitals throughout Sydney. The members of the Anaesthesia Department also work tirelessly in a voluntary capacity on a large number of committees at St Vincent’s Private Hospital and St Vincent’s Clinic, as well as various voluntary surgical teams throughout Asia-Pacific, Africa and South America.


Our Specialists

Specialist Tel Fax
Dr Bojidar Manasiev
Dr Bradley C Smith
Dr Colleen Kane
Dr Damien Boyd
Dr Drew Heffernan
Dr Elizabeth O'Hare
Dr Greg O'Sullivan
Dr Gregory Deacon
Dr Howard Roby
Dr James Yu
Dr Maroun G Mallat
Dr Michael King
Dr Michael Stone
Dr Ngaroma (Roma) Steele
Dr Simon Adamo