Clinic Anaesthesia provides a comprehensive service to the St Vincent’s Private Hospital and the Day Surgery Unit located in the Clinic.

Our Services

The Department of Anaesthesia provides a comprehensive service to St Vincents Private Hospital, as well as the the Day Surgery and Endoscopy Units that are located in St Vincent’s Clinic. They also supply anaesthetic services to patients in  other clinical areas as required.

The St Vincent’s Private Hospital Department of Anaesthesia is the oldest private hospital Department of Anaesthesia in Australia. Currently there are more than 80 anaesthetists accredited across the St Vincent’s Private campus. The Department has a long history of excellence in Anaesthesia and provides regular continuing education and quality assurance for their members.

In addition to providing a comprehensive range of highly skilled anaesthetic services appropriate to all surgical craft groups and procedures, members of the Department also provide preoperative medical care, an acute pain referral service and an after hours critical response capability.

Generally the surgeon will select an anaesthetist best able to provide the individual service that the patient will require for their procedure. If you or the patient would like to have any input into this decision, your queries are best directed to the surgeon’s rooms.

In complex scenarios, the anaesthetist will contact the patient prior to the procedure but all would be happy to speak to you or the patient at your convenience as required. Once again, if you or the patient require to speak with your anaesthetist the best path would be to contact the surgeon’s rooms with this request.

The following Anaesthetists have rooms within the clinic and can be contacted there at

Suite 808

Level 8

St Vincent’s Clinic

Phone: 8382 6842

Fax: 8382 6841

Our Specialists

Specialist Tel Fax
Dr Bojidar Manasiev
Dr Bradley C Smith
Dr Damien Boyd
Dr Drew Heffernan
Dr Elizabeth O'Hare
Dr Gareth Andrews
Dr Greg O'Sullivan
Dr Gregory Deacon
Dr James Yu
Dr Maroun G Mallat
Dr Michael King
Dr Michael Stone
Dr Simon Adamo