St Vincent’s Pathology (SydPath) provides a specialist 24/7 onsite laboratory and comprehensive diagnostic pathology services.

Our Services

SydPath’s dedicated team of pathologists, scientists and blood collectors provide a market-leading pathology service that includes a comprehensive range of onsite testing, hardcopy and electronic reporting and expert consultative support.

Our pathologists

  • Provide a diagnostic and a consultative service covering all disciplines of pathology.
  • Participate in clinical reviews both on and off campus.
  • Perform Bone Marrow Aspiration, Fine Needle Aspiration and Frozen Sections.
  • Are actively involved in research projects of their own, as well as in conjunction with researchers across the campus including the Kinghorn Cancer Centre, The Garvan Institute and local and international collaborators.
  • Provide and support medical education for the Faculty of Medicine of the University of New South Wales.

Specialised services 

  • Therapeutic drug monitoring to individual drug dose in patients via our State Referral Laboratory.
  • NSW State HIV State Reference Laboratory.
  • Clinical Trial management for international and local trials – Stage I and IV.

Collection services

  • SydPath’s pathology collection staff provide:
    • Regular ward rounds to inpatients of St Vincent’s Private and Public Hospitals.
    • Collection services from 8.00am to 6.00pm for patient convenience, located at Suite 507A, St Vincent’s Clinic.
    • 24 hour urgent blood collection service.
    • Domiciliary Service.
  • SydPath operates a network of collection centres throughout Sydney metropolitan area and a laboratory and collection facilities in Moree and Narrabri NSW.

Reporting services

SydPath provides the following options to result reporting alternatives:

  • Hard Copy Reports
  • Result download service to practice management software
  • Secure web based reporting allowing real time access to results.
    • Cumulative reports
    • Graphs for results
    • Patient collection instruction available online
    • Online ordering of pathology supplies
  • A specialised reporting module, Powerpath, for Histology, Cytology, Cytogenetic and Cancer Genetic testing results.

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St Vincent's Clinic Collection Centre

Telephone: 02 8382 6590

Facsimile: 02 8382 6591

Central Laboratory

Telephone: 02 8382 9100

Facsimile: 02 8382 2489


Telephone: 02 8382 9100