The  Health Assessment Centre which is owned and operated by Executive Health Solutions (EHS) is located on Level 4 of the Clinic. The centre provides a number of health assessment and health management programs. 

The centre offers programs to both the corporate sector (delivers by EHS) and to the general public (delivered by Life First). All health assessments involve a head to toe analysis aimed at identifying health risks before they become problematic. Patients spent significant time with Exercise Physiological and DOctors discussing their results and recommendations about how to best improve their health status.

Each of the EHS or Life First health programs are designed to identify any health risks through a comprehensive medical and lifestyle appraisal.

Our experienced medical teams are experts in delivering the preventative and diagnostic examinations that detect early signs of disease and emphasise healthy lifestyles, risk factor management and personal behaviour change. Once health risks are identified, our targeted intervention programs assist individuals to make changes to their lifestyle that result in improved health, productivity and quality of life.

The assessment process takes anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on the depth of medical analysis and imaging. Approximately 70% of diseases can be modified or prevented by lifestyle changes, including 50% of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and one third of cancers.

During the assessment, a full medical examination is performed including family and medical history, exercise stress/ECG to assess cardiovascular fitness, full lifestyle review and counselling and extensive pathology including liver function, cholesterol and blood sugar. Any urgent medical issues are immediately referred to the appropriate specialist from a large network of physicians. However, patients are recommended to see a regular General Practitioner.

At the end of the assessment, patients have time with the Doctor to discuss the significance of findings and recommendations for improvement in health.  A  comprehensive medical report is sent to the patient within 7 days of the assessment.

If the Doctor sees reason, it may be suggested that patients participate in one of the health management programs – Health Coaching, Nutrition Consultation, Personal Training or a Psychological Health Program.

Health Assessment Package includes:

  • Medical and Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Full medical examination
  • Pathology – Full blood count and chemistry
  • Exercise Stress Test
  • Height/Weight/BMI
  • Flexibility
  • Lung Function
  • Comprehensive report on all findings with recommendations

Additional tests based on personal profile, age and gender include bone mineral densitometry, mammograms, breast ultrasounds, CTCA and prostate tests.

Our Specialists

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Dr Janet Chan
Dr Karley Heyworth
Dr Leonie Marquis
Dr Michael Lowy
Dr Peter Slezak