A clinical consultative service in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism is provided, covering all aspects of acute and chronic hormonal dysfunction.

Our Services

Specialised tests are readily available, including:

  • Investigations of endocrine gland function through the comprehensive pathology services of the Clinic, where dynamic stimulation and suppression tests can be performed
  • Bone mineral densitometry as well as thyroid and endocrine gland imaging through the Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging Departments of the Clinic.

Areas of expertise, apart from general endocrinology and diabetes, special interests include pituitary and growth disorders, osteoporosis, nutrition, infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Our Specialists

Specialist Tel Fax
A/Prof Alexander Viardot
A/Prof Andrew Weissberger
A/Prof Ann McCormack
Dr Alexandra Lee
Dr Annabelle Hayes
Dr Isobelle Smith
Dr Jonathan Paetzholdt
Dr Laura Wang
Dr Lisa Raven
Dr Michelle Isaacs
Dr Tamara Milder
Prof Jackie Center
Prof Jerry Greenfield
Prof John A. Eisman
Prof Katherine Samaras
Professor Ken Ho