The Medical Oncology team from the Kinghorn Cancer Centre provide inpatient and outpatient medical oncology services for patients of St Vincent’s Clinic.  The Medical Oncologists work in close collaboration with surgical and radiation oncologists. The department also works with palliative care, genetics and haematology.

Our Services

The Medical Oncologist works in close collaborations with surgical and radiation oncologists. The department also works with pallitive care, genetics, theranostics, and haematology.

The department has special expertise in enrolling patients into clinical trials for new and evolving cancer treatments, specifically for "phase 1" clinical trails for rare and refractory cancers. Recognised by the NSW Cancer Institute for the Best Cancer Clinical Trials unit in 2018-19, the co-ordinated "precision medicine" approach of the multi-disciplinary team aims to consistently get the best outcomes for patients.

Patients who are being investigated for, or who have been diagnosed with cancer are provided with holistic management of their disease. All treatment options are considered within the context of patient comorbidities and wishes, and clearly defined treatment aims. Excellence in communication with patients, their families, their General Practitioner and other health professionals is provided. Where appropriate, patients (deidentified) are discussed at Multidisciplinary Clinics to ensure access to best practice, including the possibility of being included in clinical trials. Cancer patients are seen in a timely manner, and will always be accommodated in a short timeframe, according to their needs. The privacy and efficiency of the practice at St Vincent’s Clinic, allows optimal management of patients with this confronting diagnosis.

Urgent appointments are made at referring doctors' request.

The Kinghorn Cancer Centre team comprises of Prof Anthony Joshua, Prof Elgene Lim, Dr Rachel Dear, Dr Lorraine Chantrill, Prof Richard Epstein, Dr Amy Prawira, Dr Vanessa Chin and Dr Subotheni Thavaneswaran.

Our Specialists

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