The Department of Haematology and Blood Stem Cell Transplantation provides a comprehensive service in diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative haematology.

Our Services

Areas of Expertise include:

  • Bone Marrow Transplantation (allogeneic & autologous): Our service is accredited to carry out unrelated allogeneic transplants which we report to the Australasian Bone Marrow Donor Registry as well as internationally to the CIBMTR and the EBMT. We have expertise in performing complex allogeneic stem cell transplants, including related, unrelated and haploidentical transplants. We host the Australasian Bone Marrow Transplant Recipient Registry (ABMTRR) which collects data on all the Blood Stem Cell Transplants carried out in Australia and New Zealand. We run regular long-term survivorship clinics for our transplant patients working collaboratively with you to manage the long-term sequelae of transplantation and preventative health strategies. We also perform autologous stem cell transplants for a variety of blood and autoimmune diseases.
  • Clinical Trials: We have an active clinical trials unit which conducts fundamental research into blood diseases, blood-related cancers and bone marrow transplants. It allows our patients the opportunity to participate in some of the latest therapeutic advances.
  • Research: We conduct fundamental clinical and laboratory research into a variety of blood diseases including the fields of blood cancers, bone marrow transplant and thrombosis/haemostasis.  Recent highlights include the study of stem cell transplantation to treat severe autoimmune disease, the molecular markers of leukaemic cells and the role of genetic and coagulation testing for thromboembolism.
  • HIV/AIDS-related cancers: We are the leading clinical centre in Australia for the treatment of haematologic malignancies associated with HIV infection and are the only non-USA member of the AIDS Malignancy Consortium which conducts clinical trial research in this area.
  • Apheresis service
  • Thrombosis/ Haemostasis including platelet disorders

Services Provided:

  • Management of all blood diseases including malignant and non-malignant haematology
  • Allogeneic and autologous stem cell transplant
  • Apheresis Service
  • Venesection Program
  • Rural Haematology Service: We run clinics in both Griffith and Wagga Wagga in country NSW every fortnight
  • Patient Blood Management and advice on perioperative haematological care
  • Management of HIV-related cancers and blood diseases
  • Advice on interpretation of laboratory tests in haematology

Our Specialists

Specialist Tel Fax
A/Prof John Moore
Dr Eleni Mayson
Dr Joanne Joseph
Dr Keith Fay
Dr Orly Lavee
Dr Sam Milliken
Prof David Ma