The department of Surgical Oncology provides specialised care for patients with breast cancer, thyroid cancer, sarcoma, melanoma and a wide range of other tumours.

Our Services

Surgeons within the department hold appointments at St Vincent’s Public and Private Hospitals. All the members of the department have undergone advanced post-fellowship training in Surgical Oncology at prestigious overseas centres.

Consultations for both public and private patients are provided in our offices on level 7 of St Vincent’s Clinic.

Surgeons in the department work closely with specialists in Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Cancer Genetics within the St Vincent’s campus to provide truly multidisciplinary care for patients with cancer. Our aim is to provide excellence in cancer care from early diagnosis to ongoing management and follow up. All patients are presented at our regular multidisciplinary tumour group meetings held at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre to ensure that all their care is fully coordinated within the one centre of excellence.

The department of Surgical Oncology provides excellence in care for patients with a broad range of tumour groups. These include the following:

  • Breast Cancer and Breast Surgery (Drs Chambers, Crea Hargreaves, Jensen, Segara and Isaacs).
    The department provides multidisciplinary care for the diagnosis treatment and ongoing management of patients with breast cancer and other breast disorders. A full range of breast surgery techniques including breast conserving surgery, oncoplastic surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy and breast reconstruction are provided. Genetic testing and the management of high-risk breast cancer patients is also provided.
  • Endocrine, Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery (Drs Chambers, Jensen and Isaacs).
    Surgery for the treatment of thyroid cancer, tumours and other thyroid diseases. Surgery for parathyroid disease and hyperparathyroidism.
    • Adrenal Surgery (Dr Glover). Surgery for adrenal disease.
  • Melanoma and advanced cutaneous malignancies (Drs Chambers, Hargreaves and Isaacs).
    Surgery including primary tumour resection and reconstruction, sentinel lymph node biopsy and removal of involved lymph nodes.
  • Sarcoma and soft tissue tumours (Drs Chambers, Hargreaves, Jensen and Isaacs).
    Diagnosis, resection and reconstruction after surgery.
  • Neuroendocrine and Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours (Drs Chambers and Hargreaves)

Our Specialists

Specialist Tel Fax
A/Prof Anthony Glover
Dr Anthony Chambers
Dr April Wong
Dr Davendra Segara
Dr Deborah Cheung
Dr Kim E Isaacs
Dr Kuan - Chi Wang
Dr Paul Crea