The Voice Centre Australia is devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of voice disorders.

Our Services

Established by Dr Ian Cole and Cecilia Pemberton as the Voice Assessment Centre over 12 years ago, the Voice Centre Australia adopts a multidisciplinary approach with both laryngologist (ENT surgeon) and speech pathologist present for the consultation, to ensure a comprehensive and combined approach to the patient for best outcomes. We also work closely with other specialists including neurologists, respiratory physicians, gastroenterologists, dieticians, singing teachers, voice coaches, and oncologists.

We see both paediatric and adult patients and are always very happy to discuss with GPs any voice concerns they have for their patients and try to accommodate urgent referrals. While we understand the importance of voice for professional voice uses, we also are passionate about the voice for every person.

For any more information, please contact the Voice Centre Australia on (02) 8382 6255

Conditions that we often diagnose and manage:

  • Muscle tension dysphonia Vocal cord paralysisVocal cord paresis
  • Recurrent respiratory papilloma
  • Benign Vocal cord lesions – cysts, polyps, sulciVocal cord nodules
  • Spasmodic dysphonia
  • Presbylaryngeus
  • Functional dysphonias
  • Neurological Voice disorders eg Parkinsons, tremor, dystonia
  • Gender dysphoria – voice feminisation


Our Specialists

Specialist Tel Fax
Dr Georgina Harris
Ms Cecilia Pemberton
Ms Therese Dodds